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Man Mauji 1962 Full Movie Kishore Kumar


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Man Mauji 1962 Full Movie Kishore Kumar

Post by bollychurner on Wed Oct 01, 2014 11:29 pm

Man Mauji 1962 Full Movie

Ratings: 7.2/10

Released in: 1962

Directed By: R. Krishnan

Genre(s): Comedy | Musical

Movie Star Cast: Kishore Kumar, Sadhana, Kumari Naaz

Raja has a vivid imagination since childhood, used to frequently lie and gamble, which did lead him to considerable trouble with his schoolmaster, mom, Bhagwanti, and sister, Rani. When Raja is accused of stealing medication, he is arrested, leading to the death of his ailing mother, and Rani being taken to an orphanage run by Kamlabai. Years later, Raja re-enters Rani’s life and claims to be a very wealthy businessman with contacts all over the world. A few days later, Rani comes to know that Raja has been lying and the wealth that her brother had acquired was by robbing his employer, Rai Saheb Bhola Ram. Raja gets arrested and sent to prison. Ashamed by her brother’s wrong-doing Rani leaves the orphanage and goes to work in the household of Dr. Mohan by looking after his ailing mom. Shortly thereafter she finds out that Raja, too, has got a job as a chauffeur with this family – only to be dismissed for stealing a wrist-watch of Mohan’s advocate brother. Rani continues to work for …




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